Galen and James @ Repchage, Heat 2, 2/24/2021

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(NOTE: Because the Olympics were cancelled last year, THIS year’s tirals and events are still being referenced as “2020 Olympic Team Trials” – so yes, you’re in the right place for current events)

This week’s competition for a spot on Team USA is Round 1 for most teams competing in Sarasota this week (read more about the complications here). The NEXT step, based on results this week, is for the top boats to travel (at their own expense) and compete in a qualifying World Rowing event in Lucerne – this will be the decisive moment for the Team USA question – it’s called the Final Olympic Qualification Regatta (FOCR). This happens in May, 2021.

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  • HereNOW Everything in one place: schedule, heat sheets, results. Plus other regattas.
    • HereNOW Schedule (See Men’s Ltwt 2x, or L2X (L = lightweight – Galen and James are in this class NOT Men’s 2X (that’s the heavyweights)). Mission Rowing has several boats competing in Trials. Men’s 1x and Women’s L2X are also on the radar. List of events is sortable, searchable, and subject to change.
    • HereNow – Heat Sheets (Who’s in what boat – bow numbers, rowers, affiliated boat club)
    • HereNow – Results (NOTE: results returned in close to real time).



  • and their mobile app (NOTE: Thursday (semi-finals) and Friday (finals) ONLY). 

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