July 21, 2017-Second day of Racing

Photo montage of phone images sent from the grandstand

Views from Plovdiv (top L, clockwise) – Family and Friends Grandstand ticket in hand — Great seats, eh?; Signs point the way – wayfinding at the racing venue; Sunrise in Plovdiv; “Where’s my bus?” – navigating signs in town; Danny and Galen rowing hard to the finish on 7/21; Panoramic view of the course from the Grandstand; Danny and Galen rowing hard to the finish – watching from the Grandstand. (Photo credit: Sarah and Owen Madden)

So it is the end of day two of racing, didn’t have the result we wanted. We are headed to the D final. Thank you all for your love and support and a final update will come after we finish racing.

Editorial note: Two more pics of the boys on Row2K; views from their race start here: http://www.row2k.com/gallery/pf_gal.cfm?dir=2017Summer/U23Champs/0721FriAM&start=53&label=U23%20Worlds%20-%20Friday%20AM%20Racing&hi=yes&category=U23%20Worlds