Left to right: Daniel Holod (MN) with Galen Bernick (AZ) in stroke seat, visibly celebrating their 1st place win in the 2nd Final at USRowing Trials in New Jersey. June 2014

Blogging the World, 2014 Hamburg

june 15, 2014. I’m Free!!! Yippee! Oh yeah, Happy Father’s Day Dad. I’m leaving with Carol Nagy. Wish me luck at Selection Camp (if you’re really lucky I’ll be off to Germany).

June 15, 2014, PM. Seattle, at last. Great to see friends! Pre-camp rocks, and 60, not 106 degrees is great! Haven’t seen those numbers since February.

June 19, 2014. Everybody’s here! Hi TJCers! Eat Sleep Row. Works for me!

June 20, 2014. Those parents…. They keep texting me. Must stay focused!

June 22, 2014. New strategy: Limit parents to one call a week. Must stay focused!

June 28, 2014. Looks like I’m in the 2x with Daniel Holod! More work!!! Going to Princeton to qualify for Team USA. No problem!!!

July 4th. In Philly. Driving to Princeton. No fireworks for me. Dinner from Whole Paycheck… Not bad.

July 6th. Time Trials. Good weather. 1st with a 6:28:15. Oh yeah. Two more to go!

July 6th later. Bad weather. Heats postponed.

July 7th. Heat one: 1st with a 6:48:06. I know we can do this. Don’t even need an ice bath.

July 7th, PM: Heat two: 1st with a 7:06:02. Done! Going to Hamburg!!! I should probably call the rents….  Nah…

July 30, 2014: Leaving Seattle for Amsterdam and then Hamburg! OMG. Those people look like my parents…

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