July 19, 2017-First Post from Plovdiv

July 19, 2017

Hello all!

Danny and I are headed to bed, but I thought it would be best if we gave you an update concerning our on going activities in Plovdiv.

We arrived on Friday of last week and as soon as we arrived at our hotel we took it upon ourselves to take a 2 day cat nap, then proceed to continue adjusting to time zones.

Saturday rolled around and we found out we would not have a boat till later in the day due to a mishap on the road in Istambul, so we RP3ed in the morning then got our boat situated once it rolled into Plovdiv that afternoon.

Sunday we woke up, went for a row, came back to the hotel, took a nap, went for a row, then returned and stayed in. Not to worry, we didn’t forget to eat.

Same schedule happened on Monday, but in-between rows instead of napping Danny went on a search with a fellow team USA team mate from the LW4x and the team manager to grab some juice and things at the store.

Tuesday rolls around we are getting ready for our day before racing begins: we roll through our two practices have a quick meeting and conclude that we are not going to the opening ceremony, we will focus on recovery instead. We originally intended on going but decided we would benefit more from not.

<Here is a picture of what we missed>

Opening Ceremony, 2017 U23 World Championships, Plovdiv, Bulgaria

Opening Ceremony, 2017 U23 World Championships, Plovdiv, Bulgaria

That brings us to today. Like I said before we are both headed to bed, well Danny is already asleep, but today we kept it to only one practice because morning we weigh in and give em hell. We are both excited as well as a healthy bit of the usual pre-race anticipation stuff.

Thank you so much for your ongoing support!

Galen and Danny