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…Because competitive rowers need a little help from their friends. This site is dedicated is to raising funds that help rowers compete, because rowing is expensive–for some, prohibitively so. Nearly all costs are out of pocket for the athlete, which is why great success stories are double-edged.  Winning opens up opportunities to compete at regional, national and international levels. And for rowers, when opportunity knocks, it usually asks for a big check.

This site’s 2017 crowdsourcing target is $15,000.

Galen Bernick & Danny Madden standing with arms slung over each other's shoulders behind the yellow Shimano-sponsored Empacher double scull racing shell. They're all smiles and ready to take on Worlds!

Galen Bernick and Danny Madden wiping down their Empacher racing shell at the Sea Base boathouse in Newport, CA. One practice closer to Worlds under the watchful eye of SoCal Scullers coaches Dan McGill and Ian Simpson.

The funds are reimbursement/direct support for travel and equipment rental expenses for Danny Madden and Galen Bernick, who will row for Team USA as the U23 Men’s Lightweight Double Sculls (BLM2X) at the U23 World Rowing Championships in Plovdiv, Bulgaria. The final races are in two weeks, and the boys and the boat need to be in Bulgaria July 14, 2017. That’s a short fuse.

Opportunity at this level gets expensive. In rowing, especially at elite levels, it’s just not enough to be good enough to win, and to want to. This is why, for junior/U23 rowers, especially, winning can be a source of both joy and anxiety. What parent, for instance, wants to tell his or her rower(s) that while he and/or she CAN do the work, the family wallet simply CAN’T this time? It definitely takes a village to get a rower to Worlds. Or to the Olympics. Think about it: even Superman had two sets of parents looking out for him.

We like the idea of athletes going out in the world and being successful. That’s why we’re hoping this crowdfunding solution can help. Experience has shown us that cost can be a barrier for talent, so if it’s possible to pass along a bit of hope, we want to do that.

Everybody has a dream. It’s exciting to witness someone winning their way to the top of their game, and a rowers’ success in the wider world makes all of us look good.

Little contributions can add up quickly, and everything helps. Our promise is this: RowFund.me will raise money (up to $15,000) to cover the costs for these rowers to go to Worlds this year (2017), AND that any amount beyond that target will be donated to SoCal Scullers/Newport Sea Base to use in their scholarship funds so they can support other (primarily Junior through U23) rowers.

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